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David Schwope  
Cell: 281-687-6812
Check for available dates by
clicking here or calling 281-334-6812.
David Schwope has been
playing around the Bay Area
for over 35 years
professionally.  He was
awarded Best Male Vocalist
by Bay Area residents in
2005 and continues to be
one of the best in the area.  
He has opened for Jerry
Lee Lewis, Rusty Weir,
Shake Russel, and a number
of other well known
musicians.  He plays his 12
string guitar as a soloist as
well as in Random Shuffle.
He has won several song writing and music contests throughout his
career.  His repertoire includes over 400 songs.  Most frequently
he plays at venues such as Lance's Turtle Club, the Cuervo Cantina
at Reliant Stadium, Kemah Boardwalk, Sundance Grill, Clifton's by
the Sea, and many other local establishments.  His influences come
from all styles of music.  Any time David performs it is assured
that everyone will have a good time and enjoy the music, whether
he is solo or with Random Shuffle.  David Schwope is available to
play parties, special events, live music performances.  He is also an
auctioneer, a DJ, and a member of Random Shuffle.  Click on the
Calendar link to see when you can schedule him for your event or
just come out to enjoy the music!
David Schwope
Bay Area Magazine Music
Awards Best Male Vocalist 2005


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